June 15 - Ready for summer.

June 15 - Ready for summer.

Q: Why are you blogging about this?
A: Good question! Ostensibly, to provide more regular, colorful updates of my crop progress throughout the summer than what I’ve been doing on Facebook. Corn is really an amazing plant, and it grows like the bejesus with enough heat, water and sunshine. The same can be said about soybeans, the so-called “miracle” plant.

I also hope to provide some broader context and insight on what all this may or may not mean, whether you know a lot about farming, a little or nothing at all. A little agronomy lesson for everyone, I guess. And I’m not confining myself to crop commentary – the Cubs, 12-inch softball and music are a few passions of mine, so I may offer a few thoughts on those subjects, or maybe something else. I’m really approaching this as a mental exercise, a creative outlet to keep my writing chops fresh. I’m also going to try to have a little fun. It’s wide-open.

Q: You must have a lot of spare time?
A: Yes. I’m unemployed, remember?

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  1. This is the best blog I’ve read all morning. Can’t wait to follow your cobs as they develop girth and length.

    Just added you to my blogroll. I won’t expect you to reciprocate — unless you don’t want to be friends anymore.

  2. I want to see you grow some winter wheat this fall.

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