Shut up and drink your beer!

Crowded House - Darlene keeping the Wrigley masses in check

Crowded House - Darlene keeping the Wrigley masses in check

There’s a small class of Wrigley Field employees – the Cubs players – for which attention, adulation and media coverage runs pretty much 24-7. There’s a much larger group, whose paychecks carry a lot fewer zeroes, that you may only casually be aware of or might not even notice at all.

CKOW and a few friends took in the Cubs-Astros game today from the famed Wrigley bleachers, a rare occurence in my advanced age. It was there we met the miked-up Darlene (pictured), who works in crowd control and was kind enough to take a moment to share a few thoughts with an inquiring journalist. The best part of her job, Darlene says, is “talking to people.” The worst? People “who’ve been drinking too much… who have been having too much of a good time.” Sound familiar, folks? You know who you are.

Fortunately, Darlene hadn’t had to throw anyone out today, or any other game so far this season, she said. We were glad to hear that, because any fan who runs afoul of someone as nice as Darlene probably doesn’t deserve a seat in Wrigley.

So CKOW salutes Darlene and all the other Wrigley workers who really make the Friendly Confines go. Here’s hoping they’re all kept busy well into October. The way the Cubs played today – pounding Houston 12-3, their 13th win in the past 17 games – that’s looking like a better and better possibility. Bring on the dog days. And sorry to see you go, Kevin Hart, who was traded today to the Major League Baseball witness protection program, otherwise known as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Fun corn factoid #2: The average ear of corn has 800 kernels arranged in 16 rows.

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