The harvest results are finally in – and we have a winner!

As in Hollywood, it’s awards season here in Wrigleyville. Yes, that means we’ve finally gotten around to tallying up last year’s harvest and have some news on CKOW’s Corn- and Bean-Counting Contest I.

The final count: 3,688 corn kernels and soybeans in the glass flower vase pictured below. The winner? Envelope please…

CKOW is delighted to crown Sarah Leemans (pictured left), a friend of the family who resides in the western Chicago burb of Wheaton, Ill., as the 2009 champion of our annual counting contest.

Sarah came closest among a couple-dozen entries with a guess of 3,949, just 261 above the actual total. In so doing, she kind of reverse-channeled Bob Barker and undercut her husband Mike’s entry, 3,950, by one. Sorry, Mike: The price is wrong. We imagine this is going to make for some interesting dinnertime conversation at the Leemans house.

So congratulations, Sarah, you’ve just won yourself an official CKOW t-shirt! I’m guessing she almost as thrilled with this honor as she was hanging with Adrian “Vinny Chase” Grenier at Sundance film fest last month.

Contest guesses ranged from 65 to 4,200, but most came in well on the low end. That probably proves only that it’s tough to count a jar of kernels and beans based only on a photograph on somebody’s blog.

In the grand scheme, my harvest is hardly a bin-buster: The kernels and beans in the jar amounted to roughly one-seventh of an actual bushel of grain. But we had some fun with it, and we’ve got something to plant on the roof this spring.

A hell of a hill of beans

Speaking of which, pitchers and catchers for Major League teams officially report for spring training this week (the Cubs officially opened camp in Mesa, Ariz., today). That’s always something that always warms Wrigleyville hearts as another punishing winter drags on.

Midwest farmers won’t report to their fields for another couple months. Some probably still have acres of last year’s corn left unharvested because heavy rain and snow kept them at bay. Let’s hope Mother Nature is a little kinder to them, and the rest of us, in 2010. Let’s also hope the baseball gods are kinder to Cubs fans this year. Getting through the first day of spring training with no labrum surgeries is a good start.

Thanks to everyone for your entries and your interest. Keep your bean-counting skills sharp and stay tuned for more crop progress reports in 2010!

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One response to “The harvest results are finally in – and we have a winner!

  1. My question: how the hell did you manage to count that high without falling asleep?

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